How Much Money Can You Make As Amazon Flex Driver?

Amazon Flex Driver
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Do you want to supplement your income with a job as a delivery driver, that is as an Amazon flex driver delivering goods to people in your area who shop on Amazon? In this article, we’ll examine the salary and operating costs of an Amazon Flex driver so you can get a feel for how much money you can make with this opportunity.

What You Should Know AboutĀ Amazon Flex Before Signing Up

Through Amazon Flex, third-party contractors can make deliveries on Amazon’s behalf. As a Flex driver, you’re free to come in whenever you want and leave whenever you want. You will be compensated based on the amount of time it takes you to complete each delivery while driving your automobile.

Benefits and Costs

Amazon Flex drivers receive a starting wage between $18 and $25 per hour, depending on the city and the time of day. But, things like gas, car maintenance, and insurance aren’t factored into this estimate. As a freelancer, you’ll have to pay for everything yourself. Let’s consider some of these costs.

  • Gas

For Amazon Flex drivers, gas is one of the biggest expenses. Depending on the size of your vehicle and the length of your delivery route, you could spend anywhere from $10 to $50 per day on gas. Choosing a fuel-efficient vehicle and planning your travels is essential for cutting down on expenses.

  • Repairs for Vehicles

Because you’ll be using it for deliveries, you’ll want to keep it in good shape to avoid failures and costly repairs. Oil changes, tire rotations, and brake adjustments are all included at this price. Depending on your car’s age and condition, you may be looking at hundreds of dollars in monthly maintenance bills.

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  • Insurance

To be eligible to drive for Amazon Flex, you must have a personal auto insurance policy that meets the minimum requirements in your state. This might cost you anywhere from $50 to $200 monthly, depending on your driving record and the level of coverage you choose.

  • Taxes

As a self-employed person, it will be your responsibility to pay taxes. You can do this by designating a specific amount of your monthly income to go toward tax obligations. Depending on your wage and tax rate, your tax liability could be as high as 30 percent of your income.

Is Amazon Flex worth it?

Does it make sense to use Amazon Flex to earn extra income? The answer hinges on the specifics of your case and your goals about money. If you need some extra cash and have a reliable vehicle, Amazon Flex may be the way to go. But, if this is your only source of income, you might consider looking elsewhere for a more stable wage and benefits package. So you can proceed to signing up and start earning!


In sum, Amazon Flex could be a great way to earn extra money and control your schedule. Yet, it is important to think about the expenditures involved and make preparations. If you’re an Amazon Flex driver, you may maximize your earnings by picking a fuel-efficient vehicle, maintaining it properly, and minimizing your tax liability.

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