Upwork vs Indeed: Which is the Best Platform for Freelancers?

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Many job seekers use Upwork and Indeed to look for a job, but while some have found success others have not and the secret is understanding how their work. However, finding the ideal platform to advertise and monetise your skills and establish connections with prospective customers has never been easy for any freelancer. Choosing a platform might be difficult since there are so many possibilities. To assist you in selecting the platform that is the greatest match for you, we will examine the attributes, advantages, and disadvantages of each one in this post.


With over 12 million freelancers and 5 million customers, Upwork is one of the biggest freelancing marketplaces out there. You may create a profile on Upwork that highlights your abilities, expertise, and portfolio. Freelancers may apply for assignments that fit their talents, and clients can search for freelancers based on their qualifications and experience. Long-term contracts and short-term projects are both available on Upwork.

Advantages of Upwork

  • Huge clientele: Upwork has over 5 million customers and provides freelancers with a variety of employment possibilities.
  • Wide range of jobs: A wide number of positions are available on Upwork, including those in web development, design, writing, and other fields.
  • Easy to use platform: Upwork’s website is simple to use and browse.
  • Payment safety: Upwork provides payment security for independent contractors, guaranteeing that they are paid for their work.

Downsides of Upwork

  • High level of competition: Owing to its enormous user base, Upwork may be quite competitive, making it challenging for freelancers to stand out.
  • Fees: Both customers and freelancers must pay Upwork a fee. Clients pay a fee for each assignment, and freelancers are paid on a sliding scale depending on their profits.


With the help of the job search engine Indeed, you may look for employment possibilities that match your qualifications. From entry-level employees to senior positions, Indeed provides a variety of opportunities. You may establish a profile on Indeed that highlights your qualifications and expertise, and you can apply for jobs straight from the site.

Advantages of Actually

  • Huge job database: Indeed provides a broad variety of employment prospects thanks to its millions of job ads.
  • Easy to use platform:┬áThe Indeed platform is intuitive and simple to use.
  • Free to use: Indeed is a desirable choice for beginning freelancers since it is free for job searchers.
  • Mobile app: You can look for jobs on the move with the Indeed mobile app.

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Drawbacks of Indeed

  • Restricted job categories: Compared to Upwork, Indeed’s employment database has fewer chances for freelance work and only includes standard job categories.
  • Limited clientele: In contrast to Upwork, Indeed does not have a sizable clientele that is looking for freelancers.
  • Reduced payment security: As Indeed does not provide payment protection for independent contractors, using the site to work is riskier.


Both Upwork and Indeed have specific advantages and disadvantages of their own. For freelancers seeking a variety of freelance employment options, a large clientele, and payment security, Upwork is the ideal choice. For freelancers who are just starting, want to look for conventional work prospects, and don’t want to pay fees, Indeed is the ideal choice.

The choice of platform ultimately comes down to your particular needs and objectives as a freelancer. We advise doing extensive research on both platforms before choosing one.

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